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Merchant Capture is a program developed for the customers of a financial institution to capture and submit electronically the checks that normally would have to be driven to deposited at the nearest branch. Features include:

  • Scan checks into the capture software using any supported desktop scanner from single-feed to 180 checks per minute.
  • A Deposit summary including images and the deposit amount can be printed for the merchant's records.
  • The Deposit Information is transmitted over a secure, encrypted SSL connection to the financial institution server.
  • All software configuration is handled handled by the server of the financial institution. The customer receives an email with is a device key, user name, and password that allows them to connect and install their software.
  • Support for a customer to have multiple deposit accounts, selecting at deposit account at capture time.
  • Deposit confirmation email to the merchant.
  • Tracks all deposits made by each merchant, the deposits can be reviewed for a selected period of time with a research tool.
  • The Institution can set deposit limits and controls by customer and account.  


Merchant Capture

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