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At the end of each processing day, all items that were processed are sent to the image archive for long-term storage. This archive is then accessed for all image requests such as research, online banking, duplicate item checking and more.


Image Archive

Image Archive

Online Banking / Host Imaging

Online banking providers from your host vendor or other 3rd parties can easily access data/images in the MIPS Image Archive. We provide a url request based web service that can be customized to fit your needs. This same interface can also be used by your host system to display images to branches and tellers.

Image Research

MIPS Image Research is a software tool that allows you to find the archived items you are looking for. Items can be searched with a combination of several different fields:

  • Work Type
  • Account
  • Amount
  • Teller that captured the items
  • Branch number where the item was deposited
  • Exception status (show exception items marked for two-signature verification, returned, etc.)
  • Many others

Once you have located the item(s) you are looking for, additional information is available. This includes the original FED sequence number, endorsement records including bank of first deposit, and the reason why an item has been returned.

Additional features that are available include:

  • Print a results listing without images
  • Print an image listing with options to include front or back or both
  • Export front or back image to a file
  • Export results information to a comma separated file
  • Print IRDs for return to customer.